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Monday, May 25, 2009

Hospital time

Normally its Mommolde who marks his calendar regularly every month for a hospital visit.Achulde would be the culprit though, bringing in the cold n' cough without fail every month. But he doesn't fall sick really. He gets just a minor version of it, but he loyally passes it onto Mommolde who ends up in hospital most of the time.Once we switched the doctor, we were able to contain with just visits and no admissions. So this time around, when Achulde fell sick,I thought it would be like every other time. But his fever spiked by Friday evening and it was well past the Doc's private consultation hours,so we had to take him to the OP.And I knew what was on store for me. They almost invariably manage to get the child admitted, based on my previous experience, but when your child has fever around 103-104, you stop worrying about all that, don't you. My main concern was that, I was so sure, I wouldn't be able to make Achulde stay in the hospital, he would be scared and restless for sure and he would cry out so loud that he would turn the whole place upside down. I was hoping that we'd get a single room.But like I knew already, there were no rooms available and they admitted him in the Paediatric ICU. He placed himself in their hall of fame, when they attempted to have the cannula on his wrist for giving antibiotics, by producing the highest decibel voice in the known history of the hospital!!!I was there in the room, so the Nurse aunties asked me to wait outside and 3 of them managed to hold him and took the blood for all the tests and inserted the needle for the cannula as well. Inside the ICU also, only one of us could be with him and he created quite a tantrum by calling out for Me when I was outside and for the hubby when he was outside. We both knew he just had a fever out of this chest infection , but that was not the case with some other children who were admitted there. Some of them were really unwell and the last thing those parents would want in the vicinity would be an impatient toddler crying away to glory and showing tantrums.He just refused to sleep on the bed and wanted the cannula to be removed and wanted to go home. After a couple of hours he fell asleep on my shoulders and that's when I finally managed to put him on the bed after so many hours.In the morning, he was running all over the place with a couple of balloons and trying to make friends with the other kids prompting one doctor to think loudly ' whether the hosp admits healthy kids also these days?!!!' I was worried for him ,as he mite catch infections from other kids and worried for the other kids due to the kinds of disturbance that he was causing. We were just waiting for our doc to come, so that we would be discharged from the hosp, but that was not to be. Since the fever was persisting, they decided to discharge him only on Sunday. But luckily for us we got a room just in time, so the next 24 hours were much better.I was just hoping that fever would be completely gone by Sunday, the last thing I wanted was Mommolde catching this infection.Moreover Mommolde was pretty upset that all 3 of us were missing from home all on a sudden.Reached back home by Sunday evening, and by Monday morning, lil Mommolde was running a high temperature!!!But luckily it subsided well in 2 days time and we didn't have to get him admitted. I was esp worried as it was Achulde b'day on 28th.
But these hospital visits are humbling experiences indeed.

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UL said...

Happy third birthday to Achulde, I am glad to hear he is better and so is Mommolde..