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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Am Back!!!

 Unbelievable but true :)
 This has been part of my plans for so many years now! to come back -- not sure whether I can say active blogging - but to revive the space and keep it live, yes!!! I owe myself that much. especially since the noble intention of the blog was to create space to capture the precious moments  that my children can revisit and relive, when they are grown up and curious about how they were when they were young.
But much water has flown since then, its been 3 years since even i visited the space!! But thanks to Google, I didnt have to address the issue of forgetting the password even, integrated account, yay!
Achulde is 7 now and Mommolde is 5, we are in B'lore now , a lot of things have changed, the pace of life has become faster than ever! I'm still stuck with a  job and not even thinking of a career, have thought about resigning atleast 3 dozen times and even initiated it a couple of times!Things haven't changed much that way ;)
 Will get into specifics in the coming posts and will upload the posts that I've typed and stored safely  as well.I hope I can keep this space live and kicking
Signing off for now

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