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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is this me?

Here I am. Starting out on an expedition, I thought, I'll never be able to start on. Something I thought would always remain a distant dream, something to just think on and on about as a pleasant ' To do Task' that I would always keep postponing on and on.
But here I am. And the name is as impulsive as the decision to start writing as well!! I'd kept the title 'An Afterthought' for my blog during all my day dreaming sessions. Then it was ' Is this me?' for a while, but while creating,it became 'Thinking Aloud'. It had to be this one, as that is exactly what I plan to do here :)
And what do I do here? Offlate, I've been noticing that my personality progression ( or is it regression?!) has been from the ' Highly sociable - having lots of friends ' tag to 'Socialising-Negligible or nil, Friends--only old/long lost ones'!!!
I didnt mind that really, until I started wondering whether it had starting affecting the way I interacted with others.Well, that tag has to go,indeed.And since old friends dont have time for me (wink) and I dont have time for new friends, this I thought is the best option.
Keep reading people, there will be a lot from me in this space, in the days to come


UL said...

oh yes, i didn't get to see this introductory piece on my visits yesterday, so here i am reading it ....hey old friends forgetting you...i hope that doesn't include me, wink, wink :)

MR said...

hey, I mentioned that old friends are not able to spare enough time, not that they've forgotten me. nope, that doesn't include you in any case :)