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Friday, May 2, 2008

Contradicting Quotes!!!

I was inspired by Paulo Coelho's famous words “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” while reading 'The Alchemist' . Infact from my life's experiences too, I have found these words to be true.
But offlate I've been wondering whether anyone has said before that " When you dont want something to happen, you find that it happens to you, with or without the help of the conspiring universe!!!" ( something you've dreaded ,even when the chances of it happening was miniscule or remote,)
10 years back,I had moved out of Tvpm- where I was born and brought up, to Chennai where a Techy job beckoned . Eversince, I must admit, I was not particularly fond of coming back to Tvpm to settle down. And honestly, I didn't think I'd ever have to do it. And marriage took me to Bangalore, the place , where I had always wanted to settle down, if I were to be in India.And we bought a home in Cochin as part of our backup plans so that if at all we came back to Kerala, thats where we wanted to live.I'd always dreaded coming back to Tvpm, donno why.
Now look at me.Life has come a full circle for me. I am at Tvpm now, believe it or not.Its not the same old me, lock, stock and barrelwise -- while it was just Me who went to Chennai, its a package of me , my husband and two adorable kids, who have come back !!! I have nothing against the place 'as is', but its just that I never thought I'd be living here. It was always Bangalore for me. And when the topic of coming down to Tvpm came up when R got a good break here, I brought up all my case points against moving. All said and done, here we are, as the positives outweighed the negatives.
Donno for how long, we'll be here, but the point I am 'Thinking Aloud' today is about how the very thing that you dreaded always happens to you.What else can explain, about me being here now?!!
So while I believe in Paula Coelho, I believe in the Quote that I made too :)


UL said...

i liked yours better...! esp. when i t comes to cooking!

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