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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gopalakrishna Panickar enna House Owner

Remember the character played by Mohanlal in 'Sanmanassullavarkku Samadhanam'? The antics he indulges in to get the tenants to vacate his house? Wasn't he so lovable?
Well thats the last quality  I can attribute to my current house owner.We discovered that he is a royal pain, so much so that, we have given notice to move out of our current apartment , where we have stayed for just 2 months!!!
We had liked this apartment so much, it was ideally located -  near the NH, yet tucked in , less noise, easy accessibility- we didn't have to think twice before choosing this one.R was apprehensive, 'coz the house owner was staying in the adjacent one. But I didn't think that was much of an issue as we'd be minding our business and them theirs--but that was not to be.
In our haste, we overlooked checking out  some basic minimum fittings like the plumbing work for washing machine, exhaust fan connection et al, and repent we did.
I approach him(Let's call him 'G'( Gem of a person) to talk about the same, and to my dismay he says a big 'NO' to the same, his reasons being
1.) You did not tell me, before taking the house.I cannot fit anything more as the deal has been signed.
2.) Previous tenant did not have all that.

I had a good mind to say that previous tenant did not pay as much rent as well, but refrained.
You see we've always belonged to the category of those less fortunate souls who have to live in rented apartments,but I must say we had not faced such issues before.
Maybe things are different in non -metros. In Chennai as well as Bangalore, we had all facilities provided by the house owners, if something was missing, we just had to tell them , they'd either fix it for us or ask us to go ahead and do it ourselves and deduct from next month's rent!!!

I walk back saying 'OK , I'll get it done myself at my own cost' . Then Mr. G comes running behind and says 'Since you've decided to go ahead , I would like to let you  know that I can allow only premium fittings in my apartment'!!!
We realised then of the shape of things to come.
Its been a very eventful two months, since then,with lots of anxious queries for anything and everything rite from rent payment even before the month ends  to worries that  my toddler mite draw on the walls and complaints on car parking, basically everything under the sun was fast becoming a problem!!!
And we reached our wits' end when, on coming back after a week's break from R's home, uncle G. comes and complains that ' You did not tell me before going away, you are yet to learn the basics of community living!!!' to which R replies ' We thot we just have to tell the caretaker, since its his job, didn know we have to tell you as well!!'
To keep it short  we gave in our notice and are on the lookout of new apartment!!!


UL said...

good luck with the next G! You are slowly seeing the true colours of Tvm....but it only gets better I hope, moving with two little children, I quite admire you for that, hope you and the family settle down soon..

Anonymous said...

hmm.panicker aalu kollamallo..his loss:)
when my dear friend UL ask me to do something, i just do it..that's how I came here.

look forward to kid's news( i have 2 kids), tvpm/cochin news,mallu news..just any news..

Just someone said...

Hi MR:) came over from UL's - dropped by to day hello; nice posts... hope to see more,

MR said...

Hey thanks UL, hope we find a decent living space soon.thinking of extending my leave, till we settle down well

MR said...

Hi there Shy, I know you so well too, courtesy UL.
2 kids ? same pinch :)
do you maintain a blog as well?

MR said...

Hey JS, thank you, good to meet you