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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Apartment Hunt - Part 2

Then there was this house owner, who said that  he cannot rent out his house to us, 'coz we have small children, who will mess up his house.
And then there was one who said, he cannot give his house as my parents' or R's parents being there, means more no. of people in the home, which he doesn't like.
And have you heard the latest- the owner needs 1k more from us than the rent he was getting from his previous tenants, as they were a family of 2 , whereas we are a family of 4!!!(Wonder whether the apartment size also grows, when the no. of members in the family increase)Doesn't that mean that its .5 k rent per child per month as hostel rent?!!!
Wonder , what all we need to go through before we find a decent place to stay!!!


Anonymous said...

guess lifes tough
its me ss

UL said...

good luck yaar!

MR said...

hey thank, UL
yup. SS, it is, U remember the song ' Yeh Safar'