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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh Blog , thy Name!!!

There's been no end to the no. of times I change my blog title. Everytime I login I change it. I think I'll have to do a re-cap  every now and then in my posts, so that I can tag the chronological order :)

From  ' An afterthought ' to  ' Is it me'? ' to ' Thinking Aloud' to 'Cacophonix Chronicles' to 'A penny for my thoughts' to '' to ' Jusforkix', I would call that quite a journey!!! :)

But I like this one very much, I guess this name will stay.
I've always been an ardent Asterix fan. So the influence is obvious :)
What say wot what? hic!



UL said...

perfecto, i say! i liked 'justforkix' the best- original ;) ...though i liked all the in-betweens. Loved this space, my friend, mind if i add you to my family and friends group and do a little advertising? let me know, will do it after i gain permission from you...:)

Laksh said...

Love your sense of humor! Hopped over from UL's Diaries :)

MR said...

@ UL , ahem thank you thank you :) no issues, go ahead :)
@ laksh , thanks thanks :)