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Monday, May 5, 2008

Season of Weddings

This is no ordinary wedding season. Year 2008 has brought me one good news after another, of 'Good ole' friends tying the knot. When I say ' Good Ole' I mean 'Good Ole' (wink).

Some of our very good friends who had remained single, coz they couldn't find their soul mates or 'coz of many other commitments, are finding time and luck this year.And this starts the age old debate on 'what the right age for marriage is?'.

Many friends of mine who married quite early (i.e , in their early-mid twenties) vouch for that, while others who preferred to wait for some more time, found bliss in their choice as well. Then there are some who say that 'Its always wise to postpone, since with marriage comes endless responsibilities, so why not enjoy for some more years before you take the plunge'.

One thing I've noticed is that ' There indeed is a general rush so that certain milestones can be achieved' - like say, to have your children before you are 30. Partly 'coz of health concerns , partly 'coz of the sense of achievement/pride that accompanies the successful completion of milestones.

I know of a guy who used to boast that ' He was the youngest in class'--no no, not while at school, he must have been atleast 24 yrs old then!!! I don't understand, what credit he holds for that,it was solely 'coz of the Govt's policy of age regulation from KG onwards, that his 'seniors' agewise ended up in his class!!!

Coming back to today's point, Here' wishing all the very best to our friends who are getting married this season and here's hoping that the couple of remaining friends--the ones who are closest to my heart, will get married in this year too.

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UL said...

reqsjgfto wait and finally find the right person is well worth the's to happiness to all those still waiting..