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Thursday, May 29, 2008

'Candle in the phone?!!'

It took me sometime  to realise why my son was blowing with all his might into the receiver of the phone mid-way through the conversations, y'day , whenever someone called  and asked specifically to speak to him.

They were singing his ' Appappachi' song over the phone, and the lil' fellow was doing the blowing the candle part in-between !!!



shy said...

innocence at its best!
very cute indeed.

hope he had great time

UL said...

how sweet yaar! where are the pics? what is the little one upto these days?

MR said...

isn't it Shy?
He had fun time indeed, both set of G. parents were there and he was star of the show :)

Hey UL, pics are there, sitting safely in the camera :)
lil one trying hard to achieve his first milestone of rolling over, not yet succesful