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Friday, May 23, 2008

Lights, Camera Action!

These days, when I get into the kitchen, its as if to shoot for a cookery show. Can you believe that?!!

All ingredients will be ready and kept in bowls based on instructions that were given earlier.  I just need to take the right quantity and mix and bake or cook as required. And I get into the kitchen to cook only when I fancy. And I cook/make only fancy stuff these days  like Chocolate Roller coaster etc.

One of  the many advantages of having a maid!!! What a lazy bum I've become. But I do miss running my own  show sometimes. Donno when those days will return. Not too soon, I hope, as I already have enough on my hands  with Ac and Ad.


A-kay said...

Came here from UL's - given where I am, I would love to have a maid, if only it was affordable :)

UL said...

chocolate rollercoaster huh! Lucky you, i envy you....i hate cooking and i am terribly jealous.

Anonymous said...

oh wow! some high tech cooking happening there( happy that you're settling down nicely)..where do you get so much time to do high funda cooking/ rem to do webcast when u start your cooking show:)

btw, i have no blog..

MR said...

@ a-kay Can understand :)

@UL, Remember the cookery classes that we attended? it

Hey Shy,This is one of the easiest things that you can make, can share recipe, if you need :)