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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Appappachi to you

My son has  been singing the 'Appappachi '(Happy Birthday) song for quite sometime now.As part of the buildup to his birthday which is today, we all'd been singing this to him and he was enjoying it too. But the anti-climax was that , today when we sang it, he was like ' Ildildilde!!!'(which is his way of saying Illa, illa-meaning no no). Looks like he's become quite bored with the song now !!!

At the day-care that he'd been attending while in Bangalore, there were birthday celebrations once a week-every friday, where all kids' whose birthday falls on that week, would cut the cake and then there would be a party. And on fridays, he's not that happy on seeing me or R, when we go to pick him up from the day-care.Its like given a choice, he'd like to stay back for some more time, kinds.  Too bad, he couldn't celebrate his b'day there amongst kids his age. And he has not started going to day-care here. We are planning to have cake cutting et al here at home as well.Hope that makes up.


Anonymous said...

Appappachi to him..I mean no Appappachi( he's bored already). God bless your little one.

how old is he? hope he had lots of fun.


UL said...

Happy Birthday to Ac-wow, two alle? Enthu petttennu samyam pokunnu-

i am sure he will like the home cake -esp if you do the chocolate roller coaster! :) oh yes, i remember our cookery class- :) love and hugs to AC

MR said...

Hey thanks Shy, He is 2 now. He enjoyed immensely. was singing throughout- does that only when hes really happy.

Oh Yeah, UL, 2 yrs in the wink of an eye :)