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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Apartment apartment everywhere, not even one for rent

That has been the situation that we find ourselves in,  out here in Tvpm.We see big banners and cut outs everywhere of apartments and villas, in such astronomical prices, but the problem is that most of them are in the 'under construction' phase.
Can you believe that furnished apartments in the city comes for a monthly rent of 25k? I was shocked to say the least.
We've not been able to find one that fits the bill. If one specification is met, the rest are obviously not !!! If we get an unfurnished one, the location is not good, if those two are satisfied, then the no. of rooms are not end to our worries.
Keeping fingers crossed. Hope I find my beautiful home soon.


UL said...

till then where? how does it feel yaar? i caught the first post...and i loved it..more on it to follow soon..

MR said...

UL ,hope you got the answer from my latest post , already