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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A fine balance

Its a fine balancing act that we do with our lives all the time and we forget that too all the time. The only times you think of what a tightrope walking that you are doing, would be when you've lost the balance !!!(It's a different story that you do lose the balance very frequently :) )And when it happens, the rule of Murphy just applies itself tightly over the whole game plan !!!
I had charted out the list of activities for the month of June and July, well in advance, with the aim of completing all my pending "To do" things , before I joined back work by mid- july. But that was not to be.
I've not been able to complete , even one task from that list!!! And I've joined back work too :(
First it was the house shifting-though you know and are very well prepared for the task, its such a pain, esp when you have to do it twice in a span of 3 months!!!
Associated with that came all the side effects like no net connection et al, but that can be treated as minor too.
Then lil Mommolde came down with a mild cold that went onto become a severe infection and the worst part was that, the antibiotics administered orally upset his tummy and he had to be on IV, which meant he had to get admitted in hospital for 5 days.
That had other serious repercussions, esp. since Achulde has become an ardent "chipko" guy, after his trip to Aluva.
Had started thinking that things are back to normal and then, Achulde's fever starts.This event is all the more complicated because, administering the medicines part is so so so difficult. He has learnt to spit , so whatever is forcefed, comes out in doublespeed.It was 3 of us holding him and me giving the medicines thru a syringe!!! That lasted for a week and now Mommolde has cough and cold again!!!
And I am already 2 weeks into work!!!
Someone asked me on how it feels like, joining back work? I couldn't help answering " Its a very fine division of time between work, home and hospital!!!' :)


UL said...

yaar, it drives me crazy... iam in a similat boat - i guess most working parents are - i am not sure if i can handle all these tasks simultaneously and at times i am so ready to quit! but i cant -so i complain and just let life push me along.

Munch said...

I couldnt' agree more.

CB said...

HI Mabbu Dear
You have described my life :D
I don't feel so alone now ... i thought I'm the only one with endless to do lists that never get done

Munch said...

well, you've got me for company and hey, almost most of all I know, in this stage are in similar boats as well , if that gives some solace, like it gives me :)
Happy Anniversary, BTW. enjoy...