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Saturday, August 9, 2008

A False Alarm

When we reached home , after work on friday, Mommolde was running high fever.One full circle completed in a month.And already the second cycle has begun!!! Just 3 week back, Mommolde was hosptialised following high fever, then it was Achulde's turn the next week and then mine. And now , it's Mommolde again!!!
The thermometer showed 100.4,I decided to give him calpol before taking him to the doc. It was then that I noticed more than a couple of bright red rashes on his hands and tummy. What more do I need to panic?!!! We reached the doc's residence where he has set up private practice and when the doc asked us to rush to the Emergency unit of the hospital,we got so worried. Our Paed. has this nature of not telling us in detail, on why he wants the tests done, until the test results are out.He never tells us what he suspects also, until its confirmed. The result being, we end up going through this high voltage tension drama, every time the lil ones fall sick.(But thank God, touch wood, every time,they end up being just false alarms, so I don't mind going thru it once in a while, as long as the kids are safe and sound).
This time also, like every other time, I got so anxious and shot all the questions like ' But why are the rashes there? ' What do they mean? what is his ailment?' and he replied calmly ' I cannot confirm anything, until the blood test results are out'.
'Would that mean an admission?' to which came the reply, 'I would like to get him admitted, but I dont think there is any vacant room in the hospital'!!! So we rushed to the emergency unit , where and waited for a long long time and finally the blood sample is taken for the test.In the mean time, the junior docs, came to examine him and fired Q's on whether we'd been out anywhere, whether someone at home is down with any epidemic, whether someone with any ailment visited our home et al.With each interaction, the heart beat just shot. I was in tears by then, not knowing what was troubling the lil one. The husband went one step ahead and using his mobile,searched in Google with the keywords that he caught hold off from the conversation between the Dr.s' and I could see the blood draining from his face!!! The next 3 hrs were one of the longest in recent history. And finally the junior Doc came and told us that , it must be reaction to insect bite,as the blood tests have come out negative!!! We both broke down to tears ,tears of relief, all the pent-up tension flowing out, but nonetheless grateful, that it was just a scare!!! :)


UL said...

i am glad it was a fals parents this becomes and every day things..yet we never get used to it! Never ever! Mow I understand how our parents feel even now!!

Munch said...

no good luck this time around. Mommolde has been admitted with chest congestion and we are in the hospital now. Looks like, we'll be here for another 4-5 days :(