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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Roller skating

Now that the summer holidays have started, all you can see all over the city are advertisements for summer classes for kids for Yoga, aerobics,painting, musicals- vocal and instrumental and dance.And my excitement hit the roof when I saw advt for skating classes put up all over the city. that is one skill I'd always wanted to master. We'd tried to find out coaching classes while in B'lore, but were quite unsuccessful. One more thing to add to the list of good things that happened after moving to Tvpm, I already told myself, as if I'd already joined and mastered the art. I called up the phone no that was given in the advt and the guy who answered was amused to find that I was not in the age range of 3- 18. he couldn't believe his ears when I told him my profile, I think he just didn't tell me that he thought I'm nuts to attempt at this age. So he told me to call him after the ' Peak season'. So I waited patiently for 2 months and called him up in June, He refused to answer. And finally when he picked up, he said, he cannot spare any time for me. I felt so let down. I was not asking for exclusive time, I was ready to learn along with the others, i couldn't possible understand why he wouldn't teach me and the hubby. So when we saw this write up on The Hindu about one skating academy near Chaaka, which is almost 30kms plus from where we stay, we decided to enquire there. They sounded okay, when I spoke to them over phone, so early morning on Saturday we both went all the way to Chaaka and while passing by the Kowdiar palace, we saw this group skating right in front of the palace and assumed that it must be the guy whom we'd spoken to earlier , who;d refused to teach us . Though we went all the way there, we just ended up watching the trainer and the students from inside our car, as we knew it was not going to work out,the distance was way too much.So reluctantly we came back and on our way back, we spotted the same group still practising in front of the palace.This time, we decided to give it a try and convinced ourselves that if the instructor talks to us, he mite realise how enthusiastic we are about the whole thing and mite decide to teach us. This person turned out to be yet another instructor and he was more than glad to take us in as students. And so we've begun our skating sessions. I just hope, I'll get rolling sometime in the near future.

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UL said...

how cool edo, i would love to see you two do it...nice, neat! Tvm seems to have changed so much from our school days alle - skates would have been superb then...annu YWCA classes maathram alle undayirunnollu...of course there were others too - way too expensive i guess.