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Friday, July 17, 2009


Though I'd not put on much weight during my second pregnancy, whatever I've put on has been on the wrong places,and its just refusing to go way. And since you could call me a foodie, there's no way I could diet my way into my good ole' clothes, that have been waiting patiently in the wardrobe all these years. I just had to shape up to get into those , I kept on telling myself, but couldn't bring myself to start attending any session - there was nothing in the vicinity and I was way too lazy to start practising on my own. It was then that the HR team of my org announced a week of activities based on themes. One of the sessions was Aerobics, High speed exercises were never my cup of tea. I preferred the Yoga any day. But in this session, that lasted for barely 40 mts, we were made to do a workout for 15 mts, that left us all out of breath and panting and excited as well. I never thought I could move fast and I thought I needed a long time to grasp the steps. But I guess, I was just imagining thing up maybe. So when this hoarding ' Learn Aerobics' popped up in my neighbourhood, I decided to give it a try. yeah true, it takes me more time to master the steps, but I've been improving and I've not called it quits yet as well(touchwood!!!). Though the results on the weighing scale are not encouraging, I am determined to continue. I would love to wear those dresses before the new year!! No high hopes, as I am fully aware of binging habits and weakness for good food!!!

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UL said...

yohoo -you go girl, now it is almost end of the year, how are you faring? i love those routines....but these days yoga has been taking up all my time...