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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On Sabarimala and grand parents

Last time the husband went to Sabarimala was before our kalyanam, and he'd been planning to go eversince. So when his cousin called up , informing his plans to go during July, he decided to go alongwith them. So we all went to Aluva and from there they did the Kettunirakkal and proceeded to Sabarimala. It has been raining cats and dogs this monsoon and the Manalppuram temple is already submerged.

You know what, every year, during the monsoon, the river overflows and the temple submerges completely, during which time they move the Deity to another place in the vicinity and perform pooja there. And where the area allotted for regular car park et al during the normal times, the river would be just ankle deep when it overflows - making it an ideal place for recreation-the whole town would be present there on such occasions . That evening me and Amma took Achulde and Mommolde to Manalppuram, and both of them were scared in the beginning, but I somehow tricked Achulde into entering into the waters, after which we had a nice time there. He just refused to come out later on.

The husband and cousins had a nice Darshan at Sabarimala and came back by evening of the next day.

After coming over to Tvpm, we've been frequenting Aluva atleast once a month, I guess.My children have been getting to meet both set of grand parent quite frequently. And they are quite attached to them as well.That I think is a very rare thing to happen these times.

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UL said...

...that you are right, cherish those moments they get to spend with is in such circumstances that I wish we were a little more closer home...