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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Certification time yet again

Those who have been regularly following me on my blog would know already, how I've been faring on the certification side, that my company has mandated. Now they have slightly modified the rules. 2 certs in an year has been changed to one cert every 6 months!! So it requires you to take the certification every 6 months, you cannot postpone till the year end :( And I had to take one before Sept end. And since my chetts and fmly are coming over for Onam which falls on the first week of Sept. I just thought it would be best to take it before Onam. And I was feeling quite confident on taking this exam, as I was also involved in preparing the training material for this certification sometime last year, I hoped it would all come to me, while in the certification hall.I just needed sometime to read the material once.I had registered for the exam on 20th and on 18th nite, Achulde started showing symptoms of fever!!!Now , how many times I've warned myself against procrastinating- and I dont understand how I end up doing that all the time. And I had kept most of the material untouched, saving it for a last time read on the eve of the exam!!! I ended up touching the material only by 8 in the nite, after taking Achulde to hospital et al.Ended burning midnight oil and somehow managed to read it all once.

Managed to scrape through, which is more than enough for me. Couldn't ask for more. :)

1 comment:

UL said...

congrats...i would've flunked if i were in your place..but you did it, you go girl