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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lorry or Glory ?!

I recently came to know of one long running series in Asianet thats been entertaining the Mallu junta for over 3 yrs now.Its at 7 in the evening mon-fri.all the usual masala et al . And I for one am totally against these serial killers!!! And I had no clue that my Achan and Amma were addicted to this series as well.And how I came to know is funny. We'd reached home much earlier than usual by 6:30 that day. TV was playing in the backend as usual, and then suddenly when one of the lead female characters came onscreen, Achulde exclaimed ' Look Lorry, Lorry'. I couldn't find any HMV in the screen and was confussed.Following the serial for a minute explained it all. The lead character's name was Glory.I looked at Amma with disbelief and my amma was like" its ok, its coz he sees all these advertisementsabout this serial, he doesnt watch the serial, we dont watch the serial or anything, you dont worry kinds!!!' I would have believed her,but then in the next scene they showed a white swift car coming from adistance and Achulde was like' Look Amma , thats Prakash's car' and you know what Aakash drives a blue Zen Estillo' and my jaw dropped, surely my son wouldnt know all this from the advetisements for sure!!!My child has been following a serial at this age and that too a painkili one!!

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