Big Brother, Busy Bee : Achulde

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Chweety pie : Mommolde

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, February 13, 2010


A lot of things have changed, lots of water has flown through Thames as well as our Aluva puzha. Mommolde turned two and is much more naughtier than Achulde was at this age. And the favourite pastime for both has been to take on each other as if they are equals,they fight atleast 80% of their waking hours. At school, Achulde is more interested in keeping to his friends circle and Mommolde likes playing with himself.Hes not yet reached the age when they start playing with friends.But they both keep an eye on each other. But once they reach home, its as if they've entered the war zone. They play together for the first 10 mts and then they start the Big Fight. And I reach home, a good 4 hours after they reach, hats off to Achan and Amma for playing referree till then.

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