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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh well!

oh well, If my procrastination continues at this pace, I will soon defeat the purpose of this blog. when my boys come to this page, after the initial ecstasy of being able to see how they were when they were babies, they'll soon find what a lazy bum their mom is,not able to even key in a few words a week and that too when they are upto n thing every hour!!! certainly its not coz she cant find things to write about, shes spoilt for choice in that arena. then what is it thats keeping their mom from keeping her word!!!Well she had decided to start afresh from New Years, but then that would look too ordinary.every other resolution maker and keeper would be doing the same. And in any case the birthday is coming up soon, so why not be a lil' diffnt and start from the b'day onwards!!! the birthday came and went, birthday resolutions are better than New Yrs. Thoda hatke hain. but again it isn't that diffn't. So just take up another day, when no one would think, you'd be back in the act and then pretend, you were never out of the scene, its just that, your friend weren't visiting your page that often, you know.
Last time I tried a diffnt trick altogether, I had not been active for almost 3-4months and then one fine day descended with half a dozen entries and adjusted the dates and my friends were baffled, " Oh we didn't know you were writing'!! comments poured in ;)
This time, let me hope, I stay active as a regular for long time, making frends, visiting frens and most importantly , sustaining the same...

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