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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Maruti Suzuki

Achu does have a good sense of humour , I believe! I mean for a four year old, hes doing quite well. The other  day, when Mommo who is yet to get full bladder control, did soosoo on his shorts,  Achulde was exclaiming. ‘ You know what Amma, Mommo is Maruti Suzuki’, I was confused for a moment- both of them love cars, but Maruti Suzuki is neither in their love list or hate list’ . Then he explained further, hes always  Susu-ing in his pants, so we will call him Suzuki J

The other day they were both so much into role play, Mommo was the doctor and he had the stethoscope on and was examining Achu patient, in a while they both were gone to the next room, and then Achulde comes running commenting’ Amma , amma , your son na, the Dr. he has done susu on his pants again!!!!


shy said...


glad to see posting these days

Munch said...

Hey Shy, Nice to see you here as well. good talking to you after so long, I've promised myself to be more regular, lets see how it goes.
Whenever I login, I read up @ UL's and yours :)

UL said...

yes so very hilarious...achu's sense of humor i love, cant wait to meet him...and yes, i promise to respond via return kix or mail...yet to catch up and reply on some of your comments...will do so soon.. love,UL

Munch said...

Hey UL,Any finalisations on travel plans?will you be here this Dec?

UL said...

did i respond to this?not sure when i will make it...not this dec, likely early next year...