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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jai Hanuman

Achu is a big fan of Lord Hanuman, if I call home from my phone, if hes the one answering the call, it is never a hello, it is a Jai Sreeram, Jai Hanuman from him!!
I guess R’s mother has a very prominent role in this development, when we go to Aluva, she shows this picture book of Hanuman and tells him stories. The lil fellow is yet to realize that people will make fun of him for proclaiming he is Hanuman,. I for one was very relieved when he had switched from Hanuman   for a short time, but now he’s back to Hanuman with full force.
 Sometimes hes carrying Rama and Lakshmana on his shoulders, sometimes bringing Sanjeevani for Lakshman. He transforms into some character or the other in Ramayana, worst is when the two of them are Bali and Sugreeva, they are always attacking with the Gada!!
For a while, he was Narasimha, when he happened to hear the new story, and would tell the full story to anyone who would acknowledge his presence.
And when he is Hanuman, I am Sita and R is Rama and poor Mommolde is Ravana and sometimes his Appuppa is Ravana and them Mommolde gets to become Lakshmana J
The funniest part is he cannot say ‘Sri Rama’, he says ‘CRama’ and then I can’t help correcting him , no Achu he cannot be C Rama, he would be D Rama—the poor fellow wouldn’t understand at all and gets  confused to the core, no Amma it is C Rama only’ and I cant help but tease him more on the same lines :)


shy said...

'DRama'..mother perfect for the son!

loved is fun to play along as well tease them at time.

Munch said...

Gee , thanks :)
very true, Shy.ain't it fun, when they dont get it at all ;)

UL said...

I love the fact that he knows all the is wonderful to act like hanuman...i love it... :)

Munch said...

:) How abt Meera? does she know stories from Puranas other than Krishna's ofcourse :)