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Chweety pie : Mommolde

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Achulde and Mommolde

Lots of folks have been asking, why I've named my kids Achulde and Mommolde!! The answer is I was hesitant about using the real names or pet names in the blog initially.(Though I am kind of comfortable now, I've got used to calling them Achulde and Mommolde in the blog) And I was searching for good names. Achu at that time, was not able to say 'Achu-inte' (malayalam equivalent of Achu's-meaning something that belong to Achu) and he used to say 'Achu-lde.' And for something that belongs to Aadi, he would say ' Momm-lde'( Mommo is what he calls Aadi).
Thats how I got those two cute names Achulde and Mommolde.


UL said...

perfect and creative...these days i refer to them as those :)

Anonymous said...

always wondered bout your kids names.thanks for story behind it.the names are really cute..just like them. Appareently, myD calls her big brother Baba.recently she started saying baba-de for anything belongs to him(it's not baba yude as in malayalam because thye don't talk malayalam).when Ihear babade,Achulde and Mommolde comes to my mind.


anamika said...

aaah..thanks for sharing that story. Ente thala karanguvayirunnu..abt how you arrived at those ellam clear!

Munch said...

Hey all :) Good to hear that you liked the names!! I got many a feedback, suggesting indirectly that I should change the names!!! That was before I published this post :)