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Thursday, September 4, 2008


How much time do you think it would take for a family of four to get a Family Photo taken at a Photo studio, specialising in the job? Half an hour, one hour ???
It took us 3 whole hours(Residence time, not just Service Delivery time, in purely S/w architecture terms)
The husband and self did kind of know what to expect, and we think we are very well prepared for whats in store. Going by the 'Barbar Balan 'experience and the kind of fuss that he puts in while just cutting his nail, we know that Achulde would be a star performer this time also. What we didnt expect though was that lil Mommolde will put in tough competition for his brother!!!
We reach Paramount Studion by 6 in the evening and their Ace photographer takes us to their model studio, which looks real grand and inviting. Main idea is to take ' typical Family photo and Photo of Mommolde in his Rolled Over state - a photo that you can find in any kerala home, would be a studio photo taken after the baby has rolled over.
Both the kiddos are in good mood, it can't get better than this!!!
I tell the photographer that we would like to get these 2 photos taken ASAP, before their mood changes. But the photographer has other ideas. He wants a photo of jus the kids and as expected the husband and self get carried away. We place Mommolde on the mat, he rolls over immediately and gives a smile. Now the P asks Achulde to lie down just like Mommolde, but the lil fella flatly refuses.In an act of convincing,the husband and self lay on our tummy , thank god
the P didnt take a snap then.Achulde agrees reluctantly initially, but the P does the mistake of coming closer to the venue and immediately Achulde changes his mind and walks away.P does a wise thing by taking solo picutres of Mommolde on a Bean bag.By then somehow, we make Achulde come back, but he wont lie down, he prefers sitting. So we try taking photo with one sitting and the other on his tummy, but there is a big gap between them and Achulde refuses to we decide that we can make Mommolde sit next to Achulde and get a snap taken. The lil fellow is yet to sit by himself. So a new strategy is devised.
The husband would support Mommolde with his palm and once the P says 'ready', he would take his hand away and once the shot is taken, he would catch Mommolde before he falls down.And this we have to do in the next 10 seconds, before Achulde decides to walk away again. Shot is called, supporting hand moved away, snap taken --yes, yes, yes --But predictably the husband fails to support the lil one from behind and lil Mommolde falls straight on his back. He starts
wailing away to glory. So I take him out,soothe him and after a good 15 mts, he calms down, by the time we reach the venue, Achulde's solo session is going on. P has pulled out a chair and Achulde is posing solo. The husband is laughing out loud and narrating funny things to Achulde to make him smile and everytime the husband says, ' Smile', there's this weak giggle that we hear from Achulde, but no sign of smile in his face. Poor fellow, he thinks he has to
make giggling sound when asked to smile.And the real smile appears only after the flash goes blink!!! After 3-4 trials, the P says, its best to take natural snaps than making the kids smile !!!
Now is the time for the family phots. the husband, self and Mommolde sit on the chairs, but achulde decides to go and sit in a banana shaped chair, which lies in the corner of the room.We try to lure him, but he refuses to budge. Then its decided to pull the banana chair
in, so that we can get all of us in one place. But the moment , its pulled in, Achulde gets tired of sitting on it.Mommolde gets really cranky by now and we have no option other than calling it quits. P advises us to go for a round in the car and then come back. We decide to buy a couple of KitKats, and pass it onto the P, so that he can use the same to make Achulde pose!!! we get back in another half an hour and strategy is planned once again. Mommolde refuses to
pose solo, so the rolling over photo yet is out of question. We all pose and then Achulde starts whimpering. P shows the Kitkit in an attempt to lure him, Achulde's hand goes up and the whining turns to crying. We decide to give him one kit kit to hold, but he starts crying as he wants it opened. So finally one is unwrapped and given to him that makes him busy for a while.By then Mommolde is fussy, by the time he is comforted, Achulde has finished his chocolate and starts crying again. So the second one is given and meanwhile , the husband and self have been exchanging M and A, whoever needs comforting , is handed over to self- need based. Amidst all these scenes,the photographer manages to click a no. of family photos. Surprisingly, P's complaints are majorly against the parents. Sir is not smiling, Madam,is not looking this way etc etc!!
I got so irritated with Achulde's show , that the moment the P said 'Done', I could not resist giving A a good fat pinch!!! And he started his Raaga vistharam!! If you see the photos, you won't believe, all these happened!!!
All said and done,it indeed was worth the effort, no doubt about it :)


UL said...

wow, would you believe we havent been to the studio a single time!!! not since Meera, not before...most of the pictures of Meera - Manu clicked! and we do have one of her sitting up and one of her on her upload those pictures yaar.

Anonymous said...

Man, you really got to be making living from writing. who does n't like this story, the narration. I read this at work and could not control myself..i lol'd. came home , kids are asleep, reading your posts again.

thanks for 4 posts today..all priceless

Munch said...

@ UL, I suggest you should get one taken. They look so diffnt from the ones that we take ourselves. You would know that already!!!

@ Shy, thats one of the best compliments I've ever got, thanks so much, indeed :)
good to see you back in here too, its been a long time, hope things are going great :)

Munch said...

Check the " worth the effort" statement in the post for link to photos :)