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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Of Client Visits and Elephants!!

Client visit in Technopark is a very colorful affair. Its not just business, its a celebration.A couple of companies go all out to showcase not just their business, the extent to which they go makes one wonder whether, its a Kerala Tourism package that they are offering their clients. Technopark houses multiple companies in the same building , and there are more than a couple of such buildings in the campus.Ground Floor of the building, that we have our office in, is used UsT and when it comes to client entertainment,they top the list. On my first day at work after the long leave, I was confused when I saw the large Pookkalam on the reception, Onam was atleast 3 months away!!! But my doubts were cleared immediately, when a Limo arrived in front of the building and 2 clients stepped out and were immediately surrounded by a volley of ppl. Two huge garlands were brought and they were garlanded. The clients were thin framed and everyone could see that they were not at all confortable, but on the whole looked they looked amused with the reception. Then they all moved in to see the Pookkalam, which was done in the form of Theyyam(I had come to the first floor by then and was watching the whole episode from the portico.)Then the photo session of the clients alone and with UST crew and with and without the garlands followed.Once the official photo session was over, the clients took their camera and started clicking away!!!
Later in the day, I was talking to one of my colleagues , who mentioned that stuff like these are nothing new and that the day's show was not upto the mark, it seems. The procession with elephants was missing and there was no Vadyamelam as well. Now I was the surprised one.And that it seems is the measuring scale for 'How important the client is to your organisation.?" The no. of elephants go up,when the visiting party is somone higher up in the coporate ladder of the client organisation!!!
To each his own,thought I initially, Nice time pass, i tried to think of it. But mind didn't agree.How important is such a welcome to your client? How much does it impact your chances in the clients books? Is it really worth the effort? What is it that we are trying to prove in here?How safe is it? You have multiple companies in the same campus and thousands of employees from different parts of India and even the world, here to earn their daily bread - who have nothing to do with your company's eagerness to showcase the tourism package to your client. Why am I being so serious here, you mite wonder.After all, is this only time and place that you would encounter elephants being used for such purposes in Kerala, you mite think! The point to be noted here is that its not in any 'Ground' ,as in, a place where people interested in such activities can assemble , that you are bringing in the elephant and the procession.What if the elephant decides to play naughty, for reasons beyond its control.How prepared are the authorities , in case of such an eventuality? Its not even a place, where only interested parties need attend and others can stay off the premises , kind of rule can work. I am surprised the Park management has no issues whatsoever with such activities.Thank God, my company doesn't indulge in such extravaganzas is all I can say, but am not sure, the elephant when in fury would attack after validating the identity!!!
On a lighter note, there is this fwded mail that is on circulation.A typical mallu forward mail that makes fun of everything 'Mallu', this one caters specifically to Technopark. One of the questions is " How do you know , if there is a client visit in UST, Technopark?". Ans : "If you can spot elephant dung in the Sreekaryom- Karyavattom road, you know that there is client visit in UST!!!!" Hows that?!!!


Anonymous said...

MR, keep the id card readly visible; just incase the elphant in furry decide to check:))

I'm still laughing.

UL said...

OMG!!! this had me giggling so much eddoo! I cant believe it!! That's insane...i wouldnt be surprised if the client takes business else where....such things should be done in after hours at a different location/ not during business hours on business campus..

Munch said...

@ Shy, Not too sure, that would help, its surely gonna be a Mallu elephant!!! :)

@ ul, seriously edo!!, now I am kind of getting used to it!!, y'day they had some VVIP visit I guess, two elephants and one full band for Panchavaadyam, playing for 2 solid hours!!! and the traffic in the park was being regulated!!!