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Chweety pie : Mommolde

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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Achulde has been having the time of his life, hes not been going to the day care for the last two weeks. The first week, his day care had closed for Onam vacation. And the next week, his cousins had come visiting from Mumbai and were here for a week.  Though he was not exactly on friendly  terms with his cousins, especially the younger one Kavya(whom he calls Kaayi)- who is his age(jus 6 months elder to him). They were always fighting, pulling , pushing, crying and keeping guard on each other!!! And the moment one of them does something, the other one would sound the alarm(Amma,” Kaayi,Kaayi, kaayi”) or Appacha “ Achu,Achu,Achu”!!!(Kaavu and Devu calls me Appacha , for Appachi!!!) The moment one takes a toy, the other one would jump  upon  her/him shouting “ Achu-lde “ or “Ente”. Now Achulde has given up his  ™ word “ Achu-lde “ and  has started using Kaayi’s  “ Ente”, only that he pronounces it as      “ Nnnte”.

After the girls left, he's quite bored with no one to fight with, around. So he has chosen lil Mommolde. Anything that Mommolde picks up for playing is “ Achu-lde” and he pounces  on Mommolde shouting “ Achu-lde” and then stops mid-way  and  nods his head--correcting himself and shouts “NNNnnte”!!!

I'm sure, I am gonna miss his  "Achulde" for sure!!!


Anonymous said...

that must have been fun to play/fight with cousins.
And thank you for the terrific pics..aren't they cute!!

UL said...

aha- he is growing fast, i caught the picture you posted, cutie pies both of them - both look like you, sorry R :)

anamika said...

hello, waiting for more updates..