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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Scroll to left, and then to rite, scroll up and down’ was my New Year’s resolution!! Before you jump into conclusion that this mite be a new form exercise that I plan to start practicing this year, let me clarify,
No ,no, I did not mean scrolling in person, but ‘scrolling throught the recipient list of my compose mail window, before I click “ the sacred” send button !!!
Don’t believe that? Well , that’s just a subset !
My being absentminded is not by design, I’ve resigned to the fact that I am just designed that way!!! So my resolution for the new year was the latest in the series of the futile attempts at trying not to be very absentminded and careless atleast during workhours.
Checking recipient list was included in my mental checklist, after I caught myself just in time before clicking on the ‘post’ button after composing a weekly status report’. Now ‘post’ sounded unfamiliar, where’s the ‘send’ I normallyclick! That’s when I realized, I was about to post in BB (my company's Bulletin Board) my project status report!!! Heights of carelessness and that was when the mental checklist was revisited , re-vamped and re-introduced!!
All was well in my world, until today, when I got a mail from ‘A’, my team member , cc-ing my supervisor ‘B’, citing reasons on why he needs a release from the project and asking me to commit on a specific release date that he had in mind. Now,the project is in a very crucial phase and he is one of the key personnel in the team. I could not commit to any certain date, until the KT was complete and the new TM has scaled up well. But the same time, I did not want to discount that fact that the person had a genuine reason for the release. I decided to draft a mail noting down all points and send out a mail to my supervisor and once I was done with the composing, instead of saving , I clicked on ‘ send’ and went on about my activities. It being an exceptionally busy day, I had //commented the mental checklist process for the day.
The very next moment I get a ping from A, “I got your mail, you sent the mail to me, not to B!!!
Jaws dropped, I didn’t plan to send it at all ,rite-away in the first place, wasn’t it still in my drafts?!!
I cross checked my drafts and sent, no surprises here, it was in ‘SENT’ and not in ‘DRAFT’.
Ms. ‘Carelessness Personified’ had ’ replied ‘ instead of intended ‘forward’.
‘No problem, I’ll forward him,myself’ stuttered the embarrassed self .
’ I’ve done that for you’—he pings!!!
Then comes his reply, just a oneliner “‘ Looping in ‘ B’”!!!!
I ran to my supervisor’s desk and updated him, before he could sit down and read the mail himself,and he, who by now is so used to my “speaking on ‘mute’ during conference calls‘ and ‘moving files to wrong folders’ syndrome couldn’t contain himself and laughed out loud.
I was back at my desk, embarrassed, trying hard to contain it all, realizing how I’d royally broken my ‘New Year’s resolution’
Can it get better than this?
Stupendous Achievement , even before first month of 2009 is over!!! :)


UL said...

:) sounds so familiar, but only you can make it so funny :) edo, i can almost detect a PGW there...but been there, done that..resolutions are meant to be broken in such scenarios :) is my only excuse :)

and oh, enikku thante greetings kittilla, sorry to be such a nag, but njan randaludeye prathikshichullu, thanteyum, pinne priyayudeyum - priya last minutil, before 14th ran out, oru mail ayachu pani theerthu, enukku 15th raavile kitti! i complained, aalude oru marupadiyumilla, thought of getting mad when I get some time, ippol bhayankara busy.

Munch said...

Gee thanks Pal, thats one of the biggest and best compliments I can ever get :)
PGW is in a class by himself, rite. Its been a long time since I read one.
Hey you are lucky, Piya didnt even remember mine :(