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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The effect of my Nazar

My amma always says that we should never talk or even think that our kids look healthy now or thats its been sometime since the last infection. The moment you think/say, your baby is bound to fall sick the next day. The beginning of this week, I couldn't help noticing that its been atleast a couple of months since Achulde's last tryst with antibiotics , though Mommolde has been very regular with the attendance!!! And I even went to the extent of admiring his chubby cheeks!!! The very next day, got a call from his day care at noon. A call from the day care is something I am yet to learn to take with minimum composure. The moment I see the caller ID , I panick and I dont even bother to say Hello, its always ' What happened?" This time, its fever and I couldn't believe my ears, he was bsolutely alrite, in the morning. We took him to the Doc. He did try his best to behave and when the doc took out the thermometer, i could see him trying so hard to control the outburst, he managed not to cry for the first 1 or 2 mts and then , started out full volume. Then it was 3 of us holding him, while the doc examined, and Achulde as usual was in top form!!!
It turned out to be a middle ear infection, and that happened thanks to me , alone. Achulde had a mild cold last week and a running nose. So the good old very knowledgeable self, did the good act of making him blow his nose forcefully, very well knowing that , it mite lead to ear infection!!! As always, I thought that its just for the books!!!
Now he's on antibiotics, and we are all plotting new dramas and trying old tricks, to get him to take his medicines.


UL said...

same pinch!imagine that...both our kids down with fever the same time...and i was thinking the same..that it has been awhile since Meera had anythinhg!!! nanmmalude kannu pedunnnu parayunnathe, sharikkum! :) Hope he is better now? Meera is getting there...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that M. Hope he feels better soon.take care of you too.
your mafia connection

Anonymous said...

I guess, I keep my mouth shut too. Hope he is getting better. whatever the issue/event that is, you write it so hilariously I lol'd( c'mon it is MR saying her kid is not well, am I supposed to laugh, Jesus!).hey thanks for the tip, i did not know about nose blowing and mid ear infection.
hope he gets better soon back to his normal self.

anamika said...

Hope he feels better soon!Hang in there!

UL said...

Where are you? How are the kids? Happy Birthday to you :) See, I remembered :) love lots, have fun, Laks

Munch said...

@ALL, yes, he's recovered completely now:) thx for your wishes.
Hey , nice to hear from you DON :)keep pinging with your news as well
@ UL, thx for the wishes. I'd not fogotten your either, and till this moment, I'd thot that I'd sent wishes your way too!!! Had I not?!!!If not,I meant to you know :)