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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy new Year

A very Happy New Year to you folks.
One resolution that I would like to take, is to post atleast once in a week, or maybe a fortnight or atleast once in a month?!! I just hope I can.
Work wise, its been really hectic, the las quarter, I've not worked like this in the last 4-5 years, I must say. And to top it all there were the yearly certification exams!!!!
But I just should not stop blogging because of all this. After all one of the reasons for this blog, is that my Achulde and Mommolde can take sneak peek into how naughty they were , in here. I need to keep this promise. Hope I can
So whats yours?


UL said...

New Year resolution? take one day at a time...even that's going by too fast...i know about busy, i have been head deep too :) i wondered where you were though :) i meant to ask amma everytime i called check with your amma what has been happening :) now i know

Anonymous said...

one of my blog friends posts regularly. For that, thye ahve to post to keep mine you keep yours!
happy New year MR


Munch said...

@UL, Next time I go to J. Ngr, I'll drop in at your plc, is your amma there now?
@ Shy, deal :)