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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy B'day to you Happy Nuyea

Achulde thinks 'Happy Nuyea' is something similar to 'Happy Birthday'.
Once he noticed people wishing each other a Happy New Year, he also started doing the same. He even went one step ahead. He wished Happy new Year a Happy Birthday.
When one of his Appuppas called us to wish , he grabbed the phone from me and started singing.
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you Dear Happy Nuyea
Happy Birthday to you!!!
His 'Teecha' at the day care was telling me that one whole day, he was going on abt saying ' 'Achulde Happy Nuyea' 'Achulde Happy Nuyea' :)


UL said...

i cant belive that!! Meera sings happy new year in the happy birthday tone as well :) she thinks it is like birthday :) nice to see you back, i am so glad you are back love loads, Laks

Anonymous said...

Happy nuyea Achulde!

hey MR, when it rains, it is indeed pouring posts..thanks much. good for you, sticking to your new year resolution so far..with a vegence!!

Latheesh said...

Wow...Very Nice blog.. Oru ezhuthukaarikkulla award adichedukkumo bhaviyil? Nice style of writing.. :-) Keep it going..

Munch said...

@ UL, Nice talking to you :D
Many many happy returns of the day to you too. I meant to send a mail, honestly :)

@ Shy, lets see, how good I get at keeping it :)

@ Latheesh, thanks :) ha ha, award?!! :)