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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The URL of my blog

Its indeed been ages, since I even visited this page, let alone thinking of scribbling something. I was so sure I'd not be able to type in the URL correctly.I even came up with this very clever idea of going to UL's blog and taking my link from her 'friends' list'!!!! :)

The promise that I thought I’ll be able to keep, that I’ll post a note atleast once in a week has been broken and in what way!!Have not posted in the last 3 months!!!
So what excuse do I have for myself. Shall I blame my employer this time? The company that I work for has mandated that all the employees should take two certifications an year, one from the technical stream and one from the process or domain stream. If you don’t clear that , your ratings get affected and that affects the pay package. And worse is, these exams get carried over to the next year and one would have to take four certifications the next yr!!!

Last year, which was my first year in the company, I’d thought that I don’t have to go through the grind , as I’d joined sometime in June, but the rule was relaxed for people joining from July onwards and I came to know of that only in Dec!!! 2 certifications in two weeks time –looks tough enough for a full time student. And I had a toddler on toes and was in the last trimester of my pregnancy, had my regular project work and the last thing I wanted to do was study like in college days!!! But that’s what I found myself doing, the husband, poor guy was doing the cooking and managing lil’ Achulde and there I was going through oodles of books and even walking to and from in the room, with the laptop on my hand , trying to recollect stuff and memorize stuff!!!

I managed to clear both the certs and I remember buying a book, as treat for myself ' The Hindi Bindi Club', dont remember much of the book, other than that it had lots of recipes in it.

This year also, I've managed to clear the certifications by Nov itself and I've not got a treat for self. Is there any book that you would recommend?


UL said...

Kite runner if you havent done so already, heart rendering as you will remember...

Anonymous said...

Congrats ! well done.

LOl'd at you walking across the room with laptop in hand days oormakal!!

Munch said...

@UL, have heard a lot abt Kite Runner , donno when I'll find the time though
@ Shy, hey thanks.quite funny and silly as well rite, never thought, i'll be able to write abt it, quite schoolgirlish :)