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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Extremely unfair, not to have a post on Mommolde, you'd think.
Lil Mommolde has started taking baby steps. He'll turn one next month. His star birthday is on 31st, but I have to be at work that day, we have a major deployment on that day. He turns one on 10th Feb. Maybe we'll celebrate it on the following weekend.
I'm sure I'll have a tough time, convincing Achulde that its not his b'day and Mommolde would have to be given the privilege of cutting the cake.
From a practical PoV, it would be better to let Achulde do the honor,lil Mommolde wont mind this time.He can just initiate the process and leave it to Achulde to take care of the rest of the matter


UL said...

Exactly :) only when the little one grows up he will say "Amma, not fair, you didn't even let me cut my own b'day cake :))" take a risk, do it :)

Anonymous said...

I like the PoV..this probbaly is the only time you cna use it, why not eh!

let the party begin..Happy Birthday wishes to little one!

Munch said...

Hey, you know what, Lil Mommolde is already an expert in picking up fights with Achulde!!! They use a language that only them both understand, but Mommolde has his orchestra brought in much in advance, to get stage support!!!