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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kochu Poochan

Did I hear it right? ' Kochu Poochan , Kochu Poochan' ,(meaning Lil' Kitten) Achulde was chasing a cat, all excited and I could see that the not so 'Kochu' Cat was running for its life. We'd gone to J. Ngr, visiting my ammumma and thats one of the visits Achulde loves. He has a lot of fans in there and he loves being the centre of attraction. Its like his stage over there and he just starts performing, the moment he reaches there, songs and dance and all masti stuff.
Plus, since we live in an apt, going to J. Ngr is a diff exp. for him. And the added attraction is this cat, that visits our home , once in a while. Achulde has learnt this malayalam rhyme 'Kochu poocha kunjinu' from Manjadi. So whenever he sees the cat, he thinks its Kochu Poochan ( I dont know how this Poochan replaced Poocha, though!!!)
On a general note, I must say his vocabulary has improved and he can repeat full sentences now.


UL said...

:) reminds of the cats we used to run after or chase out when we lived in J Nagar,,, you brought back lots of memories yaar...

Anonymous said...

more laughs on poochan!
My 2yr old end most of the words with a 't' or 'nt', like poochan.

good for him...more the audience, better the performance.keep it coming.


Munch said...

@ UL, remember it was not just chasing cats, that we used to do, remember collecting stones for throwing at some stupid guys who used to tease us :D
@ Shy,its so funny, rite :) Achulde's verbs end in iee, instead of uuu . Its kulichi, nananji, nikki etc :)